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What we do is help believers be successful in what each person is called to do;

  • Helping believers find their purpose and authority,

  • Provide consulting and support services,

  • Provide training, certification and educational programs in each of the different callings.

  • Provide brochures, ads, templates, brochures, teaching materials,

  • Web hosting packages for Social Networks and Standard Hosting for Churches & Ministries

  • Publishing & Printing solutions for authors, churches and ministries

  • Help people in the body of Christ increase income with various methods

  • Connect the body of Christ globally so we can stand together with each other in agreement.

The reason we do this is because we need mercy. In order to get mercy from God, we need to give mercy. In order to receive, we must give. If we sow love, we get love in return and the planet again becomes a place that is decent to live on. We desire to fix things, because of our love for God, but also our children, because they inherit what we leave behind.



The Kingdom of Hearts (tkoh) is about the condition of our hearts to either end starvation, reduce homelessness and reduce drug and alcohol abuse and even reduce crime or allow it to continue. It is a choice to either stand and help or not, but each of us will have to stand in front of God. It is about a changed heart to work together to solve the needs and problems. The only way for human rights to work is through God. There is no other long term solution.


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